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The invoice calculator may not work in your browser. It no longer works in Mozilla or Chrome. If you are using windows 10 go to the top right of your window. Click on the 3 dots, go down and choose open in Internet explorer, you will probably be asked if you want to allow a programme to run, this programme is your programme on your computer - it will be your PDF reader/writer.

You may get the option to open the calculator in an external programme. If you have adobe reader,  your computer will give this as an option, take it. If you do not have Adobe reader you can download it by clicking on this icon

To calculate yourself.

Take the invoice total and divide by .9659 and then add 20pence. This is the total you need to pay.

To check it is correct simply take the total arrived at, multiply by 3.4% add 20p to that and deduct the answer from the earlier total.