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The Bee Hive Clubs Pre - School & After School

These points are included in the terms and conditions of using the club and you are agreeing to be bound by them when signing the application form. N.B. Filling in and sending a form does not guarantee you have a place, we will notify you if your Application has been successful.



You agree to Pay your invoice/s by the 13th of the month in which they are due.

Invoices are raised at the beginning of the month for that month and are due by the 13th of that month. The invoices run to the last Friday in the month and so if, for example, the last Friday of the previous month was on the 25th then the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st would be included in the current month. Failure to pay your invoice on time will incur a £10 late payment penalty added to your next invoice. If you have not received an invoice by the 6th of the month, YOU need to contact us or the playleader at the setting and ask for one or for your total due. If you do not receive an invoice and for some reason do not want to contact us, then you should work out how many days you have booked at the price of the session you have booked and pay that amount. Don’t forget that invoices run to the last Friday in the month and so you may need to include a few days from the previous month in your calculation.

You agree to collect your child/children by the time you have booked.

The booked session time is the time your child should be collected by, not the time you should arrive to collect them. The late collection fee is more than the difference between the 2 session costs. So if you think there is a good chance that you may be cutting it fine by booking the 5pm session - book the later session. A late collection fee of £5.00 will be charged for each child for each 15 minutes or part thereof past your booked session. (obviously the odd hiccup can happen and we may not charge you, but please let the club know you  are going to be a few minutes late.


A booking is continuous, for both NEG funded and Paid For sessions, and can only be cancelled with written notice one month before the term being cancelled is due to start.

After School Club:

You agree to and acknowledge that there is a ONE MONTH notice period to cancel your booking or part of your booking. i.e. cancellation from the 12 APRIL must be sent by email or letter and received by us before or on the 12th MARCH . The cancellation will then take effect one month later on the 12 APRIL. N.B. THE EXCEPTION IS SEPTEMBER when changes need to be made by the date confirmed in JULY by newsletter but certainly before or by the end of July. Any cancellations received after this date will not be opened until the first day of term in September and treated as received then. Meaning the cancellation will come into effect one month from that day. All cancellations made that are less than one month will not alter your invoice. You will be charged for the booked sessions already in place until the one months notice date is reached.

You agree to notify us if your child will not be attending a booked session.

This prevents us having to hold the other children  all together  with one member of staff while the other members of staff try to find a child that has already been collected, possibly by you the person we will be trying to contact, and has left the building. Please contact the club direct, not the office or the school. You can send a text to the club phone or leave a voice message.

Statutory 14 day cancellation notice.

If your booking is successful, you still have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days of the date of our acceptance without giving any reason. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel in a clear statement, in writing. This can be handed to a  member of staff at the club, emailed or posted, to be received before the 15th day. Please follow up your cancellation if it is not acknowledged immediately as it may not have been received and so may not apply if not received within the 14 days.

N.B. If you commence use of the club before the 14 day right to cancel has expired you can still cancel but will be charged for sessions used and may be charged the remaining months notice.

Please note a booked session cannot be swapped to another day or cancelled just for a day or a week.  Your place is either booked or cancelled. By signing the application you are booking, if successful, the same session every week and promise to pay for every booked session, until cancelled with notice, whether you chose to actually use it or not.